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30 August 2017

Wimbledon School of English

Wimbledon School of English is rated as the number-one English language school in the UK. Founded in 1964, it’s also one of the longest-established schools of its kind in the country, and offers its international students serious, academic study in a friendly, caring environment.

3268_Main Prospectus

The School is a new client for Farrow Creative, so we were delighted to be given the job of designing a new prospectus as our first project. We’ve created prospectuses for numerous schools and colleges over the years, and this experience proved extremely valuable. In particular, we immediately understood the need to make the design easy to read and follow for non-native English speakers, without being patronising or compromising the School’s ‘academic’ positioning. This required great attention to detail, and careful use of figures, statistics, graphics and illustrations, which allowed us to convey complex ideas and information in simple, visual forms.

3268_Main Prospectus Spread 1


We also know from experience that imagery is enormously important in expressing a school’s atmosphere, ethos and other intangible but vital concepts to prospective students and parents. We commissioned and art-directed new photography for the prospectus, creating images that convey both the School’s academic excellence, and its warmth and inclusivity.

3268_Main Prospectus Spread 2