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Take a century year-old, south coast jewellers synonymous with quality,
a place dripping with class and diamonds, then add a digital branding expert
that is no stranger to admiring ‘the good stuff’ and what do you get?

Well, what you do not get is any free samples…no matter how many times you ask!

What you do get however is an opportunity to produce work that accurately represents the genuine excellence of masters of their trade, and sometimes that’s even better than gold, that’s what we keep telling ourselves.

Pressleys design work
Pressleys design work

It has been our absolute pleasure to work with Sam
on our branding and associated marketing materials. ”



Updated logo identity, branded photography, copywriting and digital advertising
campaigns for a more modern and cohesive communication and customer engagement.

Pressleys design work
Pressleys design work
Pressleys design work

The solution

We created a campaign, created for magazine adverts in various lifestyle
magazines which was centred around ‘pivotal life moments’.


The 100 year old family business had the confidence to move into the
21st century with additional flyers and a product booklet.