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As iconic buildings go, they don’t come much bigger than this and sometimes even
the most experienced among us has to take a step back and remember just who
we are working for. We fell in love with this magnificent building designed by
Edward Maufe so much so that Sam abseiled down the side of the Cathedral for charity.
You can’t say we don’t live and breathe our work.

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guildford cathedral literature

“Sam and her team were fantastic to work with, providing lots digital expertise, appropriate
ideas and brand ideas. We look forward to working with Sam well into the future and are
very excited to see what that holds in her vision for us.”



Produce a piece of marketing collateral that reflects the unique nature of the Cathedral as a venue.

guildford cathedral
guildford cathedral
guildford cathedral

The solution

The outside experience of this modern Cathedral is very different to the internal experience.
We communicated the calm, impact, sense of space with a fold out printed brochure that
echoed the 15 metre high windows.


Corporate bookings went up by 40%, weddings by 60% and set events were fully booked.