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To be part of the story of a single school would be a privilege, but to be asked to work with eight schools, all in the same ‘family’, is indeed a genuine honour.

Sam worked with Bohunt over 10 years and cannot begin to express the delight she shared in helping bring the Bohunt Trust’s wonderful places of learning to life. Sam knows the power of brand so when she sees how successfully her ideas have been introduced and have added such value across all resources, products and services within the Trust, it fills her hearts with joy.

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“The experience of working with Farrow Creative initially on branding and the prospectus was so positive that we commisioned them for all eight of our new schools. What stands them out is their focus on understanding what it is that we want, whilst at the same time being prepared to challenge our thinking or include ideas that show us other options. Now that they have the understanding of our brand, our aims and the way we work they have been able to help us reinforce that message using a range of media. Finally, they can work to very tight deadlines.”

Head of Bohunt Trust


We were initially asked to develop a new logo for the Bohunt Trust, representing its values and role to students, parents, staff and governors, together with sub-brands for the three individual schools.

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bohunt design work
bohunt design work

The solution

Our solution was a logo, with a capital ‘B’ and stag icon which we then retained across all sub-brands to provide consistency and cohesion. We also applied the Bohunt name to the additional schools that joined, to show they were now part of the Bohunt ‘family’ and thus share its ethos and attitudes.


The design was flexible enough to encompass other schools that joined the portfolio. The outcome of the work we produced meant that the brand became synonymous with excellence and in 2014 it was named Overall School and Secondary School of the Year by the Times Educational Supplement. Under the auspices of the Bohunt Education Trust (BET), it now runs eight other schools.