They had us at fabrics.

What an opportunity this was, to work alongside a company whose designs
have been admired for almost a century, renowned for quality and detail,
loved by generations of discerning homeowners…oh yes, they had us at fabrics!

blendworth brand
blendworth brand

“Sam! You got us into Liberty and John Lewis!

The brand is more modern, sophisticated and has elevated our status
without question. John Lewis have commented that the new branding takes
Blendworth onto a new level of the market .They think it’s
sophisticated and have moved us up in the stores sales positions.”



Create a brand identity to reflect Blendworth’s brand values, increase revenue and profile.
Re-imagine Blendworth in the modern market, with a nod to it’s 20st Century heritage.

blendworth brand
blendworth brand
blendworth brand

The solution

We created a classically elegant logo using a traditional serif font, elongating the tail of
the capital ‘R’ to create a sense of movement, recalling the ‘swish’ of a curtain.


Since the work was completed by Sam, John Lewis have elevated the positioning of the Blendworth fabrics within their stores, to sit alongside other market leaders including Harlequin and Sanderson. And in the historic move, Blendworth were contacted by Liberty London, who are now stocking the popular collection, ‘Chirpy’. This comes 80 years since last being stocking in the iconic London store. Yes, you had us at fabric.