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18 May 2017

Surrey Ceramics

Surrey Ceramics is the commercial arm of England’s longest-established stoneware maker, Grayshott Pottery. It’s based just up the road from us in the village of Grayshott, Surrey: its clients include hotels, restaurants and high-street dining chains, as well as major retailers.


We started working with the company in 2016, initially to refresh its brand which led to our completely redesigning and rebuilding its website. The site went live late last year, but some areas were still works-in-progress. In May 2017, we uploaded the latest addition to the site: a new main-navigation section detailing the company’s huge range of finishes. The new area shows around 30 examples of colours and finishes, both as swatches and as applied to products, complete with short descriptions and new photography, which we commissioned and art-directed.

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