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23 July 2020

Quintessentially scrummy curry

When our good friend Mandira (of Mandira’s Kitchen) came to us for help to increase their sales through e-commerce, we jumped at the chance to get on board.  Miranda’s curry is legendary so with our mouth’s watering, we set to work with her straightaway to create an exciting and fresh e-commerce site, designed to make her sales as award-winning as her awesome Keema Mattar.

They say that a secret to a good curry is all in the spicing.  But when it comes to e-commerce, is it all just in the pricing?  We think not.  What does make a winning recipe for an e-commerce site, is when you combine a balanced blend of a crisp, clean layout and an easy to use interface that shows your customers a tempting, attractive product that is mouth wateringly good! (Your website must never look Dahl!)

Since launching, Miranda’s sales have never been hotter and we keep making excuses to pop over for a meeting whenever we have empty tummies.

Is your e-commerce site good enough to eat?

(Apologies for the curry joke in this post – blame the raita.)