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23 July 2020

Love Petersfield

“If you know where you are from, it is harder for people to stop you where you are going.” – Matshona Dhliwayo.

We take our corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously.  So seriously in fact, at Farrow Creative we invest heavily in our local community. Proudly a Petersfield business since 2006, Love Petersfield is our way of saying thank you, of supporting our local area, local businesses and by creating a central hub where everyone is celebrated and no-one is forgotten.

Since lockdown, we’ve decided to step it up a gear by bumping elbows with Petersfield Community Resource Hub (formerly Petersfield Coronovirus Resource Hub) and together we are focusing on promoting and signposting to the sterling work of our not-for-profit organisations. We hope that our little bit of love for our roots will encourage others to look left, look right and embrace those around them.  We can only move forward if we work together.

If you want to help to develop a scheme and reignite your passion for all things community, get in touch and we’ll invite you to a meeting in our virtual creative wigwam*.