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Emotional Intelligence
15 August 2019

IQ or EI? You what!

I’m excited, because throughout my career I’ve championed ‘soft skills’ or Emotional Intelligence (EI) as it’s now called in business. In the past when I’ve broached the subject I’ve been met with raised eye brows (my daughters call it ‘judgy eyes’).

One of the greatest indicators of EI is humility in my opinion, having empathy with someone you are working with isn’t always easy. Studies have shown that if someone is having an off day with you, it’s usually about what’s going on in their life rather than something you have done. A high IQ doesn’t equal great performance necessarily, high EI on the other hand could be commensurate with an unlimited amount of success both professionally and personally.

I’m becoming slightly obsessed with EI and found a great article by Gary Rodgers in the HuffPost. According to Rodgers, mental retardation used to be divided into sub-classifications with moron, imbecile and idiot being the lowest three.

I’ve felt in the lower third myself at times but there is hope, apparantly I can work on strengthening the qualities that will help me to greater success whatever my IQ.