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30 April 2021

Frog in a field

Froxfield is a hamlet in Hampshire an area of outstanding natural beauty, entirely within South Downs National Park, it sits on high ground with stunning views of the Hangers.

The govenors of it’s village school asked us to create a new brand which would encourage parents to understand it’s strong, exclusive educational offering within it’s rare and beautiful environment. It’s rural, idyllic and quintessentially British.

The village name we uncovered is very interesting, Frox is Saxon for ‘a stream frequented by frogs, and ‘felde’, forest clearing.

The history of Froxfield includes the Romans, who left traces of a camp in the Parish. Portions of a wall running across the Parish formed part of the boundary between the ancient kingdoms of Wessex and Sussex.

Our research set us on the path of concepts for a frog with Roman heritage. What provenance!

Someone harshly suggested he was ‘ugly’, we disagree, he works across all mediums and can adapt his communication from experienced educator to naive and charming Kermit. On land and in water.

He has chiselled features and a Roman nose like his creator.