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Cain Caser
25 November 2014

Cain Caser – OMG

I discovered Cain Caser the artist today. Having studied myself for five years at art college and been a graphic designer for ahem…well over 20 years it’s mind blowing when you find a new flavour for your eyes. The colours are bright and intense, your eye tries to take in the form and the colour at once and leaves your heart beating really fast. Well that’s what happened to me!

Cain was a graffiti artist in his youth “As a kid growing up I was obsessed with graffiti. I lived near the end of the Metropolitan line so everything that was going on in London was delivered straight to my doorstep. The people, style, mystery and adventure of it completely fascinated me. By twelve years of age I had started writing graffiti and at sixteen it was dominating my life.”

Interviewed for Graffuturism, Cain said, “The paintings have been conceived as portraits. The motivations of my younger self, ego and excitement, are the same cues that I paint by today. My working method currently is to cut up and photocopy sketches with paint on paper creating a collaged drawing which then serves as maquette for a painting.”

View some of his art