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Surrey Business School
10 February 2015

Down to Brass Tacks at Surrey Business School

I absolutely love the Surrey Business School. Not because they are ranked in the top 20 in the UK by the Guardian and Complete University Guide. Not because they are academically rigorous and practically relevant or for their many accreditations. I love them because they are normal and understand that business isn’t always about the hardest, largest and fastest. It’s about people. And that’s the bit most of us at some point or other find difficult.

I’ve been asked to deliver three talks to undergraduates at the University this year as well as mentoring MBA students. The first of my talks will focus on bullying in the workplace, something I have experienced numerous times in my career. The second is about personal branding online, both hilarious and hideous! The last is to sixth form visitors to the University and the opportunities before them. Do they have a duty to consider higher eduction in our free society? Big subjects. Great course.

“The second is about personal branding online, both hilarious and hideous!”

Go consider for yourself, visit their website.